The course

At Digital Catapult, we carefully take you through the transformational journey with our well-defined assessments and consultation processes, so your organisation can transform to a well-established butterfly.

It is important to follow the right steps to achieve your AI goals. With our experience, we can help you with the right approach.

Your journey

If you are an organisation starting on your AI adoption but not sure where to start and/or have a lot of data sitting in silos and/or have a number of discrete AI PoCs but wondering how to connect them all – this Assessment Toolkit is for you!

Come join us on this mission of moving towards a successful AI Adoption. It is definitely a marathon, not a sprint!

If you are an AI startup, this toolkit will help you benchmark your client’s digital and data readiness.

Why Digital Catapult for AI?


Years of cumulative experience

Our AI Team is multifaceted with experts on data, digitalisation, AI/machine Learning algorithms and deployment.


Organisations engaged with

This includes numerous startups, medium and large organisations.


Investment raised so far

The startups in our alumni network are now accomplished organisations.


Industries worked with

This shows our commitment to accelerating digital technologies in sectors where adoption is slow.

How does it work?

Taking the assessments

Benchmarking helps organisations to identify their strengths and areas of improvement.

Our comprehensive toolkit of 3 assessments is designed to assist you with benchmarking your digital transformation and data readiness levels that are fundamental for a successful AI adoption. 

We suggest that you take the digital maturity assessment first, followed by data maturity and data readiness to get the best results.

Analysing the outcomes

The assessment results will help to establish a clear benchmark for your organisation’s digital transformation and data excellence levels.

They will serve as a guideline to show you where you need to steer forward as an organisation, to achieve a successful digital transformation and data excellence. 

When digitalisation and data excellence is achieved, your organisation will be naturally ready for its AI journey.

Steering forward

The next step is planning. Moving from your current maturity to the next one needs a thorough plan! 

At Digital Catapult, we have 80+ years of cumulative experience in data and AI. We provide consultation on digitalisation, data strategy and governance, data readiness to the latest cutting edge AI solutions and their deployment.

We can help you steer in the right direction towards your successful AI journey. Reach out to us to have a discussion.