3. Data Readiness Assessment

This assessment will help to evaluate the organisation's ability to use data for effective decision making and use it as a strategic asset, thereby unlocking the potential of data. 

We highly recommend taking the Digital Maturity and Data Maturity assessments before taking this test


Data in different formats is continuously being consumed by various entities and with remarkable speed. The challenges related to data collection, management, quality, control and readiness are also vast. Data is being consumed and modified by different technical and non-technical stakeholders at different stages, which can lead to anomalies and inconsistencies in the data. Hence it is important that the data is assessed in terms of readiness, to ensure that the data is of a high quality and can be used to satisfy required objectives. Performing a data readiness assessment will provide insights into the quality and quantity of data, and play an important role in an organisation’s success in utilising that data.

The assessment covers the following five areas:

Metadata and References

This section evaluates the organisation’s readiness in terms of maintaining metadata and references for all or any transformation, metrics etc. applied to data.

Data Profile and Quality

This section evaluates the organisation on its readiness in terms of comprehensive data profiling, data structure and data quality.

Data Lineage of Operations

This section evaluates the organisation’s ability to comprehensively capture the data lineage of all the operations and transformations carried out on the data.

Data Governance and Accessibility

This section evaluates the organisation’s adherence to data governance guidelines and policies and also the accessibility of the data.

Data Ethics

This section evaluates the organisation’s ability to comply and commit to data ethics practices such as data usage, accountability, integrity and bias.

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To get the best results, it is recommended that the questions in this assessment are discussed with people at different capacities - Leadership, Technical and Data roles across your organisation and unanimous answers are fed back to the assessment.

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