2. Data Maturity Assessment

This assessment will help you begin with your data journey as well as to refine your already existing data strategy.

We highly recommend taking the Digital Maturity assessment before taking this one.


The ability to harness the full potential of data and become a data-driven organisation has become a critical success factor for organisations of all sizes and industries. The data maturity assessment tool serves as a guide for the organisation’s data-driven journey. It offers a thorough evaluation of different aspects of the organisation’s data maturity and provides a tailored score and recommendations based on the organisation’s specific needs. This, in turn, helps the organisation develop a future roadmap and strategy.


The assessment covers the following five areas:


This section evaluates the organisation’s leadership alignment and commitment to become a  data driven organisation and help foster a data driven culture.


This section evaluates if the workforce is skilled in terms of data, technology and AI, is able to adapt and change for any data driven initiatives and the workforce is able to collaborate and foster knowledge sharing.


The section will assess the adaptability of the organisation in terms of adoption of emerging technology and tools for data and AI and also evaluate the robustness of the infrastructure.

AI Readiness

This section will assess the organisation’s commitment to comply with regulations and evaluate any ethical and security considerations when working with data and AI.

Data Ethics

This section will assess if the organisation has the commitment and ability to adopt AI and has the necessary infrastructure and skilled resources to do so.

Results and Maturity Levels

Once you finish the assessment, the assessment results page will display a detailed analysis of your scores across the five assessed dimensions – Leadership, People/Culture, Technology, AI Readiness and Data Ethics.

The chart there shows how the overall score has been calculated from the weighted questions in the assessment. The ‘maturity level’ displayed will fall under the following categories.


  • Lack of a data strategy
  • Data sits in silos
  • Manual processes
  • Lack of data Standards
  • Data quality has not been assessed


  • There are some data related processes
  • Data mostly resides within teams but is siloed
  • There is no single source of truth and hence no performance indicators
  • No data roles are defined
  • Lack of reconciled datasets
  • Resistance to change


  • Leadership is invested in data
  • Operational data processes are present
  • Some data roles have been defined
  • More understanding about data as an asset and hence less resistance to change
  • Data quality still needs to be improved and hence there is lack of trust as only some data is trusted
  • Few data performance indicators are present


  • Leadership is committed to becoming data driven
  • Data is an asset and is considered value add
  • Well defined data roles
  • Data strategy and governance is defined
  • Data stewards are present across the organisation
  • The culture of the organisation is to embrace data hence there is a lack of resistance to change
  • Data is used to measure the company’s performance


  • Data strategy is aligned with business goals and is measured as a key to success
  • Culturally aligned towards data
  • Data and information management is considered an asset and there is continuous improvement
  • Data is used for decision making and to drive change
  • Data quality is at a level that it can be trusted and can provide relevant  analytics

Start the assessment

To get the best results, it is recommended that the questions in this assessment are discussed with people at different capacities - Leadership, Technical and Data roles across your organisation and unanimous answers are fed back to the assessment.

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